> Management Point

Management philosophy of object assets’ life cycle
Content of asset management is broad and comprehensive, depth of asset management is meticulous andoffers governments and enterprises an effective internal control system with an optimize asset value. Plenty of comprehensive and accurate data support and provide powerful data analysis and improve the overall effectiveness and value of asset management.

Clearing the relationship between finance management and object management.
Starting from object source, the software solves the long-term harassment of enterprise asset management. Fully independent design ideas really straighten out relationships between finance management and object management and that make up blind spots in finance management. For example, a blind spot of asset management is from acceptance to bookkeeping. The software also plays an effective supervision role and fully realizes, "account, card, object, custodian and storage" five items match, which improves audit’s speed and pass rates while also laying a solid foundation for an enterprise that will be in market.

Professional and powerful features become a strong complement to other management systems. The software focuses on professional management of object assets and are content-rich and powerful for which government, enterprises and institutions of any for internal finance management software such as OA, HR, SAP and other ERP systems are relatively independent of each other, but cooperate smoothly with each other to achieve seamless data sharing simply and powerful integrated performance.

> Technology Point

Unique permission and account setting
According to different management units, departments, and asset classifications, the system function has a permission setting to achieve complex management roles during process of object asset management. While combining permissions and account setting meets management requirements of different nature (classes) of assets in order to make management clearer.

A full range of customized coding technology
In order to meet the different requirements of enterprise asset management, the software asset management works in accordance with relevant national standards and industry assets’ characteristics while using a full range of customized coding technology. All of which provide great flexibility in use of the software. Barcode asset organizations also provide different rules design to enhance the adaptability of the software and reduce marketing costs.

Unique asset content customized extension
Information content of different object assets has its own characteristics. The same object assets are in different industries and enterprises in the management focus. In order to adapt to the individual requirements of asset management, the software not only provides asset customized card design for all types of assets, according to the individualized management needs, but also provides unique content assets (eg, real estate land certificate No, emission of vehicles, printers' print speed etc.) and expand setting to make asset management more refined and personalized.

Powerful special asset management functions
In addition to conventional asset management contents, the system also provides powerful device management such as IT management, real estate, cars, art, plants and other special management modules. Among of them, the "Device Management" improves the stability and service life cycle while reducing maintenance costs and enhancing warnings and monitoring. "IT management" provides an extension management to improve the efficiency in the use of IT equipment and management transparency. Not only for the brand, price, operating system version, IP address or other application management systems, but also strengthens subdivision management on multiple plug-ins, multi-standard memory and hard drives. Additionally, the software provides maintenance of IT equipment to control maintenance costs. For example, "Property Management" strengthens control value of the property and investment costs and while providing a summary of information and management for all types of real estate and provides real estate market valuation and management and benefit analysis. To "Vehicle Management", the software improves performance of vehicles, saving the cost per kilometer so it enhances efficiency of repair and leasing management.

BI (Business Smart Management) activation
Management of all object assets through a complete life cycle are by mining a lot of data to extract accurate data, combining with the management of object assets and reality, using a unique method of data processing, adding data processing model to object assets in order to provided quantitative analysis of asset managers purchase, approval, budgeting, management performance, etc.