Company Description

Shanghai CancoSoft Computer Software Ltd was established in 1997 (referred to as " CancoSoft Software" ) . CancoSoft successfully announced its IPO in July 2013 and changed its name to be Shanghai CancoSoft Computer Software Co., Ltd. ( Stock Name: CancoSoft Software; Stock Code: 100080 ). CancoSoft is the only software services provider that focuses on providing “Object Asset Management Systems and Solutions”, (Management fields cover fixed assets, low-value consumables, consumables) for governmental agencies, enterprises and institutions. The software has serviced in more than 10 industries and thousands of client groups across China. It possessed a professional and unique object asset management philosophy, exclusive of management consulting services and extensive management experiences.

CancoSoft functions based organization is the governing body. Headquarter is located in Shanghai, China. In addition, CancoSoft has set up three branches in Beijing , Shenzhen and Wuhan. They are charged of nationally regional sales and offer service support. CancoSoft has also set up a Shanghai Communications University – CancoSoft “Joint Laboratory of Software New Technology” in order to assure the extent of advanced technology.

> Unique software services provider focused on searching Object Asset Management Information and developing of software

> Unique object assets provider provides management consulting services dedicated software services;

> The only software services provider offers six well-known banks in China to promote asset management systems and consulting

> The No 1 provider in market share of object asset management software providers of banking, electricity and hotel industry;

> The earliest introduction of automatic identification technology in object asset management software application service provider;

Products after more than10 times large-scale development of software upgrades, with more than 50 management modules for freedom of choices and with a range of software products to meet customers' different asset management objectives;

6 consecutive years won Awards of Shanghai Outstanding Software Product;

Received national innovation fund support in 2009 and 2013.

CancoSoft always adheres to a mission of "Management Guides Technology, Technology Enhances Management”, advocating " Devoting Entire Life Creates an Excellent Software." While providing high quality of management software, CancoSoft provides professional management advice and guidance to help customers quickly improve management efficiency. Thus, Cancosoft was named "Shanghai Star Software Enterprise" and won many different awards:

 In 2007, CancoSoft was named "Shanghai Software Industry Star Enterprise."

 In 2007 and 2008, the product was named "China Outstanding Software Product” and "Shanghai Outstanding Software Product."

 In 2009, CancoSoft’s Fixed Asset Barcode Management Software was named “China Innovative Software Product".

 In 2010, CancoSoft’s Fixed Asset Barcode Management Software won “The Most Competitive Product Development Achievement in Chinese Computer Industry” award.

 In 2013, CancoSoft’s Fixed Asset Barcode Management Software has been named "Shanghai Outstanding Software Products" for six consecutive years.

introduce to Produce:
CancoSoft Fixed Asset Barcode Management Software System uses mature auto recognition technology (RFDI) to evaluate an asset’s entire life from declaring purchase to scrapping having a systematic management. The system has many efficient functions including strongly customizable extensions, authoritative settings and multiple account management settings. All of which offer users a flexible, safe and convenient usable effect. Additionally, the software uses advanced auto account examination technology by comparing finance and object assets sheets automatically. Such technology can improve “account, card, object, warehouse and storeroom clerk” five items’ management operation efficiency and accuracy.