What can you get by choosing Cansoft?

1. CancoSoft software helps you quickly straighten out the relationship between internal assets, accurately grasp the status and
     trends of assets , clear asset management responsibilities and quantified data analysis capabilities to manage performance and
     provide an accurate basis for decision-making.

2. CancoSoft software helps you achieve object assets, including IT assets and equipment assets, fully refined management, and
     integrate facility management to avoid any mistakes or lost in monitoring asset management.

3. CancoSoft software helps you maximize asset utilization, quickly reduce asset management costs and promotion costs in order to
     quickly improve levels of enterprise asset management.

4. CancoSoft software helps you achieve multiple great financial management software such as OA, SAP, UFIDA, Kindness, docking,
     sharing ERP management system data and having compatible with all major brands of hardware devices such as barcode
     readers,barcode printers. RFID technology simultaneously applies in the software to achieve the full range of asset management
     without blind spots.

Management Mission of CancoSoft

In management philosophy, CancoSoft has a clear idea on direction and function of the financial fixed asset management and object fixed asset management, have a clear relationship between financial management and object management, and clarifies the role of mutual supervision between both.

In management format, CancoSoft regards fixed assets as a core and automatic identification technology as a main line. When assets are stored, the assets are given a unique "asset ID card " - barcode or RFID. Controlling assets from the beginning of the source realizes the source of assets under management.

In management field, Cancoft Fixed Asset Management Software covers the entire contents of the asset management in business operation, not only for fixed assets, low-valued consumables management, can also manage user customized asset types, which ensures the software to cover all aspects of enterprises.

In management process, it covers full life cycles of assets from purchase and use to depreciation, transfer, maintenance and gone, which achieves dynamic tracking and management of assets throughout the life cycles.

In management function, the software not only provides functions of asset management, but also provides analysis and decision-making functions of asset management, which makes asset management decision-making more scientific and advanced.